Home sweet home

I miss my home today. It seems so long ago since I was there, talking to my mom in the kitchen while she cooked something warm and delicious. I remember the simple things we used to talk about and laugh or sometimes discuss about issues that seemed so important then. I miss my brother, fighting with him for every piece of chocolate. I miss my granny, who was always immersed in prayers and teaching us good morals. I miss my dogs. I miss their innocent faces looking at me, telling me to feed them even though they had been fed just a few minutes ago. I miss my mango tree and the parijata tree. The fragile little things that shivered and shook even for a small breeze.


Most of all, I miss my dad. I cannot find another person in my life who can match my dad’s personality. He has the greatest strength and sense of humor. How he is able to keep all of us happy, I cannot ever understand. He always has time for me. And for my mom and the rest of us. He also spent time with our trees and other plants, taking care of them, watering and protecting them. I can still remember my school days, I never had shortage of pencils, pens and erasers. He always used to keep a huge stock of stuffs for my brother and me. Our fridge was never empty, it always had food and snacks which we as kids always took for granted. I look at my fridge now and feel embarrassed at how empty it is. He was my mom’s assistant in the kitchen, my brother’s exercising coach, my dogs trainer and my personal bodyguard. We never got to realize how easy our lives were because of him till he got a job out of the country. I felt so helpless without him. I miss him now. I wish I could get back those days now.


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