A Summer bummer!

It was a summer morning. I woke up early and thought of studying for my exam which was in 2 days, but then I looked outside my window.. It was a bright sunny day, the birds were chirping and flying around. The leaves of the trees were swaying gently in the cool morning breeze. There was that familiar woody, musky scent from the nearby woods. I could hear all of them calling me to go and enjoy the weather while it lasted! So I took out my bike and cycled. Happiness always comes in small packages, I felt happy when the wind hit my face as I cycled, it felt so refreshing and I felt free of worries.

It is really these little things that give us so much of happiness. Its not those big expensive things we buy or that we wish we had that bring joy. It’s those small little things which may mean nothing much maybe for others but which means so much for you that makes you so happy!

Anyways, my story continues from where I stopped..

I went cycling that day, in no particular direction and suddenly reached a park which I had not encountered before. It was less of a park and more of a huge forest. I could see people jogging and cycling on the pathway, so I continued cycling too. I took a turn from my path after sometime and took another detour sometime later on and then another one and ended up in the middle of the forest. I was just starting to feel all adventurous when I suddenly saw a fox! It looked at me for a few seconds, stunned, maybe asking – what I was doing there – I looked back. appalled by its beauty. It had a long tail which was so fluffy, a slender body and a “foxy” face, the same face which I had seen in all those cartoons. Somehow, I thought it would stand on its two hind legs and put its hand on its hips and tell me sternly to get the hell out of there! (My wild imagination.. there is no end to it.) But, obviously, the fox just looked at me and ran away into the woods, scared shitless by such a huge and noisy THING because my bike made a lot of noise while I cycled since I was riding on a stone pathway. At that point, I wanted to turn around and get out of the place. But, I was LOST. I could not find my way back. I remembered taking two right turns but there were so many other right turns now and I was confused as to which was the right one.

At this point, I want to tell that even though I own a smart phone, I don’t make use of it except for calling people, which is also when it is really necessary, I did not have internet connection on my phone and hence could not use my phone to find my route back. So, I called up a friend and told her that I am lost and will let her know if I need some help. She started panicking, she wanted to come look for me, But, I told her that I am in the middle of nowhere and I will eventually find my way back, if I just met someone else jogging or cycling.

So, I went on, trying to find my way back. I could feel the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees, The same thing which we hear all the time and which brings a smile on our face, may seem so creepy when we know that we are alone, like the wind blowing through the leaves. There is nothing scary about that! When I was sitting in my room looking outside my window, I thought it would be so refreshing to get some of that wind on my face. But now I was scared of the same thing and the sound it was making! I cycled faster, I started imagining all sorts of creepy scary stuff that might happen. I prayed so much to god that day.. He was just too lazy that summer day because nothing happened! I tried remembering my way and was almost going to get a panic attack, when suddenly I could hear someone panting in the pathway parallel to the one I was cycling in. And so, I cycled till I reached the turning in my path and cycled to the guy who was jogging. I never felt so happy to see a human being before. I asked him for the way out of the bloody forest and he looked at me like I was a stupid girl or something. But, then he showed me the way and it all seemed pretty simple after he said it. Feeling more stupid, I cycled my way out and finally reached home! Uff.. it was one hell of a ride. I just closed my window to shut out all the bird songs, the cool wind and all the other nature calls and went back to studying!  Never falling into your trap again mother nature!!


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