Love and The mundane world

What is love? A voice in my head says.. love is to give.. To just give, give and give and never expect anything in return.. It is unconditional. Love cannot be perfected by normal humans, But of course we always try to. Love is like meditation, it seems to be unrealistic at first but only by going deep and understanding the inner meaning, one can understand the true nature of this feeling.

Love is pure. It need not just be between two lovers. It can be between a girl and her pet dog, between a mother and her baby, between two best friends, between a brother and a sister. Love is not judgmental,  it is certainly not blind because you don’t love a person just for their looks, you love them for the person they are. It’s a connection between two souls. It keeps you connected even though you are miles apart from each other.

Love spreads out, just like any other feeling. It can touch souls, it has the power to overcome all negativity. Have you observed a child? No matter how much he/she is irritated with you for not buying that toy/chocolate one minute, will be jumping around and making you laugh just the next minute.. You can never be angry or hate your child.

When you fail to understand these feelings, there are complications. When love is judgmental there are fights and rifts. When love is not pure, there is no trust. And when there is a feeling of pain rather than having butterflies in your tummy, it sure is an indication that your love is at its dead end.


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