Price tag

Though I am a person belonging to the present world.. the people nowadays seem really odd to me. Like for example, I had never seen harlem shake videos, I had just listened to the audio song and liked the beats, but today for some apparent reason I saw the various video versions of the song and I was disgusted by what I saw.. Random guy making out with a basket of fruits (o_O), girls stripping down and acting slutty, some guy with a horse face dancing like he is doped (wait, he must be doped), people almost naked dancing like crazy.. What is the point?? Do I have to know how YOU guys make love have sex with inanimate objects and/or other doped people? Naaa.. I dont think so.. I mean, I really don’t get what you want people (not to forget children) to understand from such stuff.

It is not just about the crazy harlem shake videos, I am so sad with the attitude of the young generation. Girls of my age, they give all their priority to grooming themselves rather than being a better person inside. Anyone can look pretty, but not everyone is beautiful. Putting on a smile, having a helping hand ready always and showing off your positive attitude is much much much more important than applying the perfect lip gloss or wearing the perfect fitting clothes. Please people, time to get mature with your actions and being responsible for who and what you are. I am sick of looking at girls showing off their entire body, I am tired of looking at girls giving me disgusted looks because maybe I am not so well groomed as them. I get irritated to hear stories of people just witnessing an accident and taking pictures/videos rather than helping out the victims. Sometimes it makes me sick that I am a part of this dumb drunken world.


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