Spring in full spring..

Spring time is happy time for everyone (especially for Europeans this time!). Feels like heaven. Birds are chirping around, sun is shining, the flowers are blossoming and there is of course the smell of barbecue everywhere!


My friend and me walk to and from our university everyday. we take a small pathway sort of road with just grass on both sides for some distance and then there is a big forest on one side. Last few days have been really grand to walk there, with the perfect weather and the musky forest fragrance. Everyday we pass the same route and everyday I see a lot of action. Dogs chewing on wooden sticks and teasing each other around. Children playing with the flowers and the grass.

I saw a guy lying down on the grass today while returning from my university. He was wearing only shorts and sunbathing his back. We were envying him from a distance for being so carefree and just sunbathing there on the side, while we had to run around the whole day with no time to relax at home let alone out on the grass in the sun. But, as we walked closer, we saw that he was reading.. he was reading a big fat book. It looked scary. Then I realized that its Germany, people don’t waste a minute of their day. I cant help but appreciate the people here. Even the dogs are so disciplined. I have never seen a dog act crazy here, not once. They follow their masters, they pee only where they are supposed to and they don’t take a poop in the public!

Hail Germany!


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