First one is always half-baked..

When I think of just a week back, I had no idea of opening a blog nor doing any writing.. But, yesterday when talking to my friend and discussing our childhood, our experiences in life, I thought – why not write all of this down? It will be good to read them later on and who knows, these small stories of a simple girl may help someone someday in some way! – Yeah, a stupid reason to start a blog maybe, but I want to start off and hope to put up old/new stories about my life every once in a while.

I want to tell you about myself in this first half-baked one.. I am a 23 year old, studying my masters in Munich. I have a good life, everything is completely normal ( read boring ). I am an Indian, but born and brought up in different countries: Early days in Bangalore, India, then moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, then to Dubai, UAE and then back to India for my high school. I was always a well behaved girl, very sensitive to things around me. Didn’t get into any kind of trouble and always competitive. I love pets, a big big biiiiiiig dog lover! I like hiking up mountains. I love spring and autumn.. Don’t like too much sun and too much no-sun. I am a foodie. And I am a neat freak, I am always organizing my stuff and cleaning everything up.

That’s it about me I guess! I hope to keep writing and keep updating you about my life and about all lives that I find interesting.

Peace out!



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